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Roquebrun - Complete Set Face, Body & Glove

Roquebrun - Complete Set Face, Body & Glove

The ultimate and complete tanning set: the face serum, the body serum and the tanning glove! The face serum and body serum create a healthy bronzed glow while moisturising your skin. The super soft self-tan applicator glove, is perfect to evenly apply it on your skin and helps to protect your hands from staining while you achieve your flawless tan. Apply the face and body serum directly on clean skin. Use the serums in the morning or night, alone or together with your existing skincare regime. You can use the serums on their own, as they are specifically designed with high-quality ingredients to optimise your skincare routine.   


  • no perfume, no alcohol & no parabens
  • no guidecolor = no stains on clothes or bedsheets
  • Made in the UK, developed & based in NL


Choose your shade based on your desired tan result and/or skin-tone : 

- Light: a light sun-kissed glow, perfect for anyone new to tanning, paler skintones or red/pinkish undertones that burn easily.

- Dark: an instant dark bronze, perfect for anyone looking for a deeper tan, darker skintones or olive/darker undertones that tan easily.



    The soft, double sized tanning glove has a unique water-proof barrier to prevent staining and is super easy to use:

    Step 1:  Apply the face or body serum on a clean and dry glove

    Step 2: Apply the product on your skin in circular motions. Be sure to check the application instrutions of your face or body serum. 

    Step 3: Wash your glove with soap and warm water between uses and stand upright to dry. 

€ 113,00 Normale prijs
€ 105,00Verkoopprijs
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