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With this treatment you can achieve the brow color you want! You could go for darker brows or lighter and every color in between. Colored brows are the perfect way to frame your face and to bring definition to your eyes. The color on your hair will last for 5+ weeks and from a few days till weeks on the skin. 





Brow Color

This is our classic semi-permanent brow tint. With this tint we color your hair in the shade what matches your face. The color will last around 4/5 weeks on the hair. Your skin under the hair gets also a color. See this as a shadow color with a light/medium intensity. Stays 3/7 days on a oily skin and 7/14 days on a dry skin.


Lash Color

Are you wanting to upgrade your eyelashes to the next level? Lash color it on! By coloring the lashes in black all those light hairs will be more visible. This treatment works amazing if you have blond lashes or blond tips! 


Hybrid brow color

Are you feeling like regular eyebrow tint isn’t giving you that dramatic fuller eyebrow effect you’ve longed for? Well this is our new permanent brow tint. It is an innovative gel tint with similar intense and long-lasting effects as Henna. Hybrid tint is an extra long-lasting tint that is retained on the skin up to 2 weeks and up to 7 weeks on hairs. 



Tinting your brows will cover all baby hairs and light hairs which will create the illusion of fuller brows. Before we start we do a quick consultation to see which color/tint and shape will match your brows. Before we apply the tint we make sure your hair and skin are clean by taking them through our brow wash. Depending on the intensity we can go for a natural look or for game changer colors.

For the eyelashes we apply the black tint from the roots to the very tip. The lashes will look fuller and also longer!



Yes! Anyone could get a color on if you're not allergic to the tint. If you want to make sure you're not allergic we recommend you to come for a patch test at least 48 hours before your color appointment. If you're using fake tanning products make sure you let us know. The best results will be the ones on a natural skin.

Wat een lieve brow-specialisten 🥰 met goede en professionele uitleg! Tevens is de salon om door een ringetje te halen.

Suzanne Heemskerk



We recommend you to avoid washing for the coming 24 hours so the stain can get stronger. Also a tip for a long-lasting effect we recommend you to avoid water, cleansing gels and oils on the brows. To make your life easier you can buy your twin cleansing sponges in the shop to wash your face around you brow beauties!

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